The 2018-2019 School Year in Rojava Ends with the Distribution of Certificates


The Rojava Revolution has brought new developments in every field of life. Without a doubt, the most important and special of these developments have been realized in the fields of education and the mother language. Children who previously studied a racist and monolingual curriculum now participate in a multicultural, multilingual, and diverse education thanks to the advances of the revolution. The seeds that were planted on the 19th of July 2012 have continued to grow and evolve until today. Today, from nursery school until university, people receive education in Kurdish, Arabic, and Syriac. Every nation learns about its culture and reality in their mother tongue. On the 14th of May, thousands of schools in Rojava from elementary to high school level granted children their diplomas.

With the aim of following and sharing in the joy of these children, on the day of the granting of diplomas, we headed to the city of Chilagha in the Qamishlo canton and witnessed the happiness and joy of the students of the Jafer Remo Elementary School.

During our visit that day, the joy and excitement of these sweet little students was obvious. The students entered the school in their lovely new clothes, and with great joy awaited the passing out of their certificates. In their hands, each teacher held the certificates of their grade level. Likewise, each teacher had different gifts prepared for each of their students.

The faculty and administration lined all of the students up in the courtyard of the school and began to hand out the certificates. Grade by grade, student by student, the students joyously accepted their certificates and presents. The happiness and celebration in their eyes was incredibly apparent. Like a farmer reaping his crop at the end of the year, these children reaped the result of their year's hard work with an open and happy heart. Though the gifts may be symbolic, they are very meaningful to the children. Each teacher blessed their students with the certificate and embraced them with a mother's love.

We also felt the love and joy of the children and we wanted to show this love by way of some photos. The day ended in this way after the students took their certificates.