About Us

In the broadest sense, one can define education as the vital struggle to create harmony with nature. But for humans, this activity is an intelligent and social activity. Humans and society attained their current level of culture, experience, unity, science and technology through education. In short, all products of their minds and socialization were given to the new generations by way of education. In this aspect, education is vital. In its essence, because it is something that aims to reach goodness, beauty and humanity, education is a moral activity. It is known that a well-organized society plays the role of leading humanity in this area. In this way, our perspective has a democratic nature. 

However, it cannot be said that all education wields positive results. It is very well known that many things that have been created for the benefit of man and society are used in harmful and negative ways. Throughout history, we have seen again and again how dominant institutions use education for their negative and destructive purposes. Kurds are one of the peoples who suffer most from these practices aimed at cultural genocide and assimilation. Thus, in the face of denial, repression and violence, education takes on an even more special and deep meaning.

The KCK Education Committee, which has been working on these activities for years, understands this meaning of education. At the same time, we see the foundations of the paradigm of the Democratic Nation and political-ethical socialization as critical work.

Thought, opinion and democratic relations, ecology and liberal knowledge; this paradigm and these principles are the cornerstone of our work and activities. At the same time, they will be the strategic foundations and educational politics that we advance in our land. In the age of national democratization, these educational activities will play the primary role.  

For this purpose, though initially we started with Kurdish and Turkish, a goal of our website is reaching wide social sectors in other languages. We believe that the interaction of students, teachers, intellectuals, writers, scientists, researchers, artists – in short, all people who devote themselves to the field of education - will lay the foundation of our work.  

Our site has documents and articles relating to the education system of the Democratic Nation, the KCK system, the education-oriented analysis of our leader, writings about the martyrs of Freedom Struggle who were teachers and educators, statements and book chapters.  

Essentially, we believe that our esteemed readers and contributors can, though their opinions, provide a great way of sharing their potential with us. As we believe that interaction is the essence of education, we hope that our site will be an important arena of ​​meeting and interacting with you in this regard.