The Leadership’s Analysis

The Leadership’s Analysis Of Education

Schools and the education system are usually built on a foundation of memorization by heart. They systemize and administrate it in this manner. The university is not an arena based on fairness and acceptance of the identity of society - on the contrary, it has become a center of denial and isolation. The construction and content of science, in the name of a historically objective social truth, became a way for society to distance itself from its useful duties. They are stuck on this subject in particular. This organization, which was built on the foundation of violent civilization, has been presented as formal and innate.  

One can rectify the destruction of education in one’s mother tongue. This can be done by helping poor families to liberate themselves from the chains of poverty. Official education in the native language must be allowed. If the state does not provide any assistance in this matter, they must not interfere with linguistic and cultural institutions. Through participating in a free artistic movement, people can come to know their rights.

The education system is built on some of the biggest lies that put pressure on children in particular. It uses every method to attempt to keep people tied to the system. There is a saying: That which is so in the seventh year, will be the same in the seventieth year. In this way they attempt to bury the natural and free society and never allow it to come to the light. One of the most sacred duties is allow children to live out their natural imagination.

The servility of women, which has its origins in Sumerian society, has still not ended. This relationship, which began with hierarchal society and was passed down through temple priests, was crushed in men’s spaces and approved of by the most authoritarian states. From that era until now, it was understood in this way. Her movements and philosophical power has been thrown to the lowest level, and the literature that men had created became educational subjects and the foundations of ethics. Male slaves could usually increase their status through their physical power and work. Slavery that was tied up with the economy went forth. Women have been enslaved in every way: physically, spiritually, and mentally. 

Democracy needs knowledgeable and committed people, people who bring advantages to society in a loving way; one who comes from modern and living society, who educates society on the subject of democracy, and who encourages awareness. Democracy cannot be run on institution and principles alone. Democracy is a living thing that should be seen like a plant that always needs to be watered. If, in terms of our beloved children, we don’t fix this, this metaphorical plant will dry up. Then atrophy and forgetfulness of self will progress, they will become a tool and enter the assistance of anti-democrats.  

In the struggle of democratic society, there must be a special relationship with the youth. When the youth join in society, they will meet with many obstacles face to face. On the one hand, society has lived under patriarchal conditions, and on the other hand, it lives under the bewildering effect of the official ideological system. Because the youth are a dynamic force, they are always creating new things. Youth are not ready for what will happen to them. The society which was organized under the effect of the elderly does not know what is suitable for the youth, so they don’t look any deeper into this and are very far removed from it.

The youth are rendered breathless by the capitalist society that tricks them. This is a reason that youth need special relations. In order for them to avoid being fooled, there is a need for an education that is given according to their mentality. Youth education demands hard work, labor, and patience. One could write an epic with the strength of the youth. When their aims and principles are understood, nothing is impossible. When life is structured on the foundation of these aims and principles, with patience and persistence, then we can create the most historic force.  

The most violent traditions that control the society are found in the family, the smallest unit of society. Families cannot breathe. Women in particular are subjected to the biggest conflict. There is no space for women that is free from violence. Children also live in the same situation. The foundation of the principles of education is violence. It’s obvious that when children are educated in a violent way, they will act in the same way when they grow older – that is, you reap what you sow. Their authority was built on violence, and they see this as something to be proud of, and they are happy to continue this violence. It is crucial to see and define feelings based in violence and authority as the most dangerous disease, but unfortunately the opposite is true – they are seen as the most sacred and happy feelings. That which must be condemned has been enlarged, made holy and presented as something righteous. 

There are educational issues in Middle Eastern society. There needs to be comprehensive education in order to distance this society from violence. There must be trust in the power of knowledge. Violence is only necessary in the time of war in order to achieve victory. Violence is not just war, revolution or counter-revolution; violence must be comprehensively evaluated according to every field in existence. The society that has been overwhelmed by violent traditions for thousands of years, new social revival, Dialogue and organization of organized forces and progression out of chaos should be used and understood as a principle of analysis and reflection.  

States like Iran that are masters of power and trials…education, teaching, fashion, politics, diplomacy, art and the control over science has had an effect on the Persian language. Piece by piece the Arab occupation has also effected it. The entire Middle East has taken on an Arabic name and identity. 

The statehood and the sickness of authority is built on the foundation of backwards societies. People uneducated in social sciences are at a huge risk for being oppressed by authorities. The oppressors, in order to satisfy themselves, attempt to solve even the smallest of problems with weapons. In this time in particular people were made into barbarians. 

The last, most prestigious era of the Sumerians was in the cultural city of Nippur. It can be said that the first educational academy was found here. There is a big possibility that… The height of the city of Babylon can be considered as the start of a new civilization.

Greek civilization usually drew most of its components from the culture of the Medians and Persians. The split between the East and West originated in this era.

There was a lot of similarities between them. Many Greeks had work in Persian castles – thousands of soldiers settled there. Their rich treasures and the authority that were gathered over 200 years in Egypt, was a reason that Greeks built themselves up against the Persians on a massive scale. In order to break the Persian’s authority and appropriate their wealth, this movement became ethnically oriented. Like a new Hercules, the appearance of Alexander was no coincidence. Alexander was educated under Aristotle. Greek philosophy lent itself to the struggle against oppression and existing problems of confusion.

Actually, mythology had quite a large effect. That is, it built the culture of resistance. It can be said that what the Medians imposed on the Assyrians, the Greeks also imposed on the Persians. Alexander, who was himself a Macedonian but was a child of Greek culture, destroyed the Persian empire as if it was made of paper. In this way, the division of the Persian empire took its foundations from a centuries-old culture of resistance.  He embodied the synthesis of the enlightenment philosophy and the free tribe of the Macedonians. 

The aim of education, which starts in the elementary schools and continues until university, is to make people the most effective, modern and organized citizens. It is in competition with military organizations in this manner. The changes, developments, and evolutions that continue in historical society, as well as the values that have been constructed, are initially passed down through the religious strainer, and then through the racial one, and are finally melted down and formed into an official ideology. The aim of these institutions is the creation of the most oafish and uncomprehending citizens. In this way, theology left the scholasticism of the Middle Ages in its place. 

It can be said that education – the tests and trials of society – sells itself to its members, particularly the youth, in a scientific, theoretic and practical manner. The socialization of children happens with social education. The education of children is not the duty of the state or the authorities, it is the duty of society itself.

Because children and youth are society. It is both a duty and a right of children and youth to be educated in accordance with their traditions and according to the characteristics of natural society, and to be returned to their original state. This is an issue of life, and a problem which continues. No society has the right to share its existing duties and the task of education the youth with another force. It cannot transfer this work to another force. Even if the force in question is a state or authority, they cannot delegate these rights and responsibilities. Contrary to this, this self-surrender of the monopoly of authority will be calculated. The source of the holiness of the right to education comes from existence itself.  

The biggest action of civilization against society was depriving society of children and youth. Civilized states put forth these actions in two ways: either it gets rid of its authorities, makes children and youth into slaves, or it supposedly educates them, but only to use them in the field of its own authority. One of the most important aims of war is to erode social values of the importance of children and youth, with assimilatory institutions. The foundations of bureaucracy started in this way, and the history of civilization too. both by weakening of society and by creating of bureaucratic tools. Against society, they built a new society. Against natural society, they built a state and authoritarian society. The children that had been brought far away from their real society were taught a new history that was purposely created to be very different from their language and culture. 

The foundational aim of this education is to estrange them from their real history. Both ideologically and materially, they obliged the identity of the state. In this way, they made life without the state impossible. The government and authorities saw this as the only valid option. Those who had distanced themselves from their original history saw themselves as the state and as the authority. In this way, those who were opposed to a natural society established themselves.

Sometimes the state society and the natural society were understood as the same. This is incorrect and a source of conflict.

The history of civilization was built on these conflicts. The reason that education came under control of the authority, drew its foundations from historical truth.

Actually, they do not care about the duty of educating the people. However much the workers educate themselves, the authorities educate their government in the same way. From top to bottom their members were educated as slaves. 

The nation-state’s authority was imposed by way of education on children and youth in particular. Their artistic and historical perspective, people whose mentalities had been molded by religion and philosophy no longer belonged to their families; they became children of the authoritarian masters. The huge estrangement was organized in this way. In terms of education, the class that most effected and monopolized society was the bourgeois class. They oblige the elementary and middle schools. Those who want to find work are obliged to have university degrees. In this way, they are alienated, restricted, and fall into a sort of cage of helplessness. The colonialism of society is implemented with physical force, economic power and education – which is used as the strongest weapon there is.  

In this way, it can be said that in the history of civilization, the biggest blow to society was inflicted by the state and authorities in the guise of education. The right of education for society is the most difficult right to attain.

In order for society to co-exist safely with the nation-state and economic monopoly, they entered their most dangerous phase. The dominant philosophy, with the media revolution, a media war was imposed on society as a whole, and continues its colony military and economically – it can be said that in these ways they manage their authority. 

In these ways, it is far more successful to use culture to manage new colonies. In order for society to liberate itself from the occupied and colonized culture, the most foundational tools of culture, and politics need to be used in the struggle. This is the way of liberation and freedom. Both the society that has lost its youth and the youth that have lost their society no longer have the right to exist – this means that they have been betrayed. The result of this is atrophy, dispersion, and upheaval. Contrary to this reality, foundational societal duties, foundational tools of existence are the building of educational institutions. In summary, scientific, philosophical, artistic and linguistic explanations must be differentiated from those constructed by the authority. This also means the promotion of meaningful revolution. Contrary to this, it is not possible for an ethical society and politics to come together. 

In order for the education problem to be solved, institutions for an ethical and political society must be built. Political and ethical duty is brought about by societal education. The society that does not educate itself, allows its ethical and political institutions to be uprooted, and they cannot stand on their own feet. A society of this nature is always under threat and cannot liberate itself from its own atrophy and dispersal.  

Capitalist modernity, in order to tie healthcare and education to the nation-state, controls all work. It wants to control both of these areas. Because health and intellectual progress are crucial subjects for the existence of society. If those two areas are not under their authority and they do not construct a monopoly on those fields, it is not possible for them to implement complete control. They know that they cannot make society into their property by means of open militarism.

The authority over education and healthcare is exceptionally important for their monopoly. 

Women have far more ethical and aesthetic responsibilities. The education of people has good and bad sides; the importance of life and peace, depravity and the barbarism of war, the evaluation of the values of justice and innocence, clarification and decision, for an ethical and political society women are more honest and responsible, because these characteristics are innate in women. Without a doubt, I am not talking about the woman who lives in the shadow of men. I am talking about the woman who understands freedom, equality, and democracy. 

Political, academic, and cultural institutions can shoulder these duties. Restructuring needs of political and ethical units of society must be met, and academia can assist in this intellectually and scientifically. It is more appropriate for official and monopolized institutions to be restructured instead of following older examples. Simple imitation of modern institutions may not be productive. It must be autonomous and democratic, it must build its own programs and its own cadre, and there must be students and teachers that are sincere and ambitious. A system like this, in which teachers are simultaneously students, and students also teach at the same time. Everyone who has ideas, from the mountain shepherds to intellectuals, can participate and join. 

Womens academies as well, in the same environments according to the reality of women developed scientifically, may be more appropriate. In order to not get stuck in theory, they must also lend themselves practically. In the organizations and uses of these academies, practical necessities should be taken seriously and they should be organized according to this. In history similar examples to this (on mountain peaks, in Zoroastrian fire temples, gardens of Plato and Aristotle, pedestrian paths of Socrates and Stoicism, Medieval churches) have been built. Anywhere can be selected as a location, from the mountain peaks to the neighborhood streets. Without a doubt, buildings under the purvey of governmental authority should not be selected. The educational process in civilian churches and schools can be defined according to the situation of members and students who join them.  It is not necessary to define them as official institutions. Without a doubt, without respect and permission they will not be possible. There absolutely must be ethical and aesthetic rules. 
It is known that in some social pyramids, women play the role of love objects. In order that the girls from respectable families would not become objects of desire, they attained a respectable rank. Girls were selected and those who were special were send to those places. In the temples, women’s development was valuable. In the social pyramid, in palacial institutions they enjoyed all educational styles. In some subjects (art and music) women reached expert levels. Those selected men who came from surrounding areas, and were presented to them in the temples. 

When some of these people got along, they were married to each other. In this way, both the richness and the production of the temple increased. In order for a man to take a woman from her temple, they would have to be from a good and upstanding family. Thus, because these women were educated in the temple, among the new tribes they represented the holiness of the temple. In another way, they lived as intelligence agents for the monk society and the new government. In the beginning of Israel, many states worked in this way. With this style, the art of female enslavement became a prototype for the brothel. The goddess that was worshipped in the temple as a symbol of love, was turned into the helpless prostitute to be bought and sold in markets, and existed in the worst situation. In this respect, Sumerian society has the honor – or dishonor, rather – of being the first to do this.  

The dishonoring of woman, inequality, lack of education for children, fighting among families and problems of honor. The foundation of all of this comes from family defense. It was as if the problems of the state and the authorities had been copied into the family. In order for the governmental-authority-class and the society to be understood, the family needs to be analyzed well. 

Modernity, for the construction of nationalization, used education as the most foundational school. However, independent nations, with the education system in order to distance Kurds from their history and identity, began a disavowing education in the schools. The aim of this education was the building of society. But in order to distance Kurds from their true identity and society, oppressive forces used education as a tool against Kurds. In many places, education in the mother tongue was forbidden. 

In modern social life, the anti-socialization education system trains individuals to be selfish. According to the needs of capitalism, people are trained as both liberal individualists and citizens of the nation-state. The massive education industry was built with this aim. In this sector, the individual is bombarded spiritually and mentally 24 hours a day, and in this way learn an anti-social existence. These people are deprived of ethics and politics. Individuals are uprooted from natural society and turned into consumers, reprobates, and chauvinists. Capitalist modernity, does not use education for the healthy organization of society, but for the destruction of society. The reality, further demonstrated by analyses of social live, is that we have reached the level of “either society, or nothingness”.